The Aims, Proposals and Objectives of ROC

These are reflected on the motto of ROC, INSPIRED. To better understand the aims,
proposals and objectives of ROC, let us analyse ROC’s motto thoroughly.

I standing for INSPIRED
As core members of The redeemers, two things moved us which inspired us to work
on the formation of ROC.
First of all, the humble and open features of Africans in the world and the incessant
failure of Sierra Leone associations in Germany.
The strong inspiration here is we want to promote through different ways the humble
and open features of Africans and to challenge the incessant failures of Sierra Leone
associations in Germany by presenting a stable and progressive ROC.
To maintain this inspiration, we need to be honest to ourselves and work hard for ROC.
By so doing, we will succeed in transfering this inspiration to subsequent members of
ROC and even to theother pillars of “The Redeemers”.

N standing for National
Every human being is under the protection of a nation to which he or she should owe an
obligation to. A common nice wise saying is, “there is no place like home”.
Although we are living today in a foreign country with its own nation,
we will always stand firm by our nation – Sierra Leone and in parallel respect and thank
the German nation for its hospitality.
Most of us are working hard to earn a living in Germany, pay taxes to help build the
german nation and behaving cautiously to respect the rules and regulations of Germany.
This is the way it should be. Knowing where we come from, Jah will bless us if we show
remarkable patriotic moves to our nation – Sierra Leone.
Our country is blessed with so many natural resources by Jah but wickedness and greed
in a form of a long term vicious war (over ten years now) swallowed it because of its
Today, our nation is suffering and the children who should be the leaders of Sierra Leone
tomorrow are deadly traumatized. This situation is really pathetic because even the
children have the right to live, grow big and fulfill their dreams.
In this regard, ROC will engage into many nation-loving activities.
For instance, we know that presently there is a high need for clothing, shelter, medicines,
food and schooling facilities among the children class. ROC will therefore help to
identify international helping organizations to extend their help also to the children
of Sierra Leone and will also itself involve, no matter how small it may be for a start,
into a development project in Sierra Leone. Please check this link for information on REDS
Development Projects BizAfric Development Project.

S standing for Social
Human beings in the universe were created in paradise to meet regularly and carryout common
special pleasure-deriving activities. This makes life easy and interesting.
However, racial, national, cultural and traditional differences have a negative impact on
social amenities for all. ROC sees this from a different point of view because it believes
that every human being should learn to tolerate and respect the race, nation, culture and
tradition of another nation. Just as we feel extremely good seeing a German playing an
African drum, Germans should also feel the same way seeing an African celebrating the
carneval in Köln.
This exchange of feelings is good for both parties and we should endeavour to promote this idea.
We know it is very difficult to achieve this because people are going with different views.
Some Africans say the Germans are cold and not open whereas some Germans say Africans are
strange. ROC does not believe in any of these sayings.
In either case, the method of approach is very important.
If people have succeeded dealing with wild animals, then dealing with an individual from a
different nation or race should not be a problem.
ROC has a big hope to prove that all of us are the world.
We should therefore feel free to go out and search peacefully for social activities so as to
pass our day hapilly.

Click here to visit ROC’s Program of Activities

P standing for promotion
As ROC is not a financial institute, it will not involve in any direct financial support
of people or other organizations in need of such support.
ROC lays more emphasy on moral, appreciating and motivating support. For instance,
we identify Sierra Leone artists living in Germany and promote them by attending their
workshops and performances, organizing workshops or shows for them and the like.
ROC will also explore the possibility to support local artists in Sierra Leone.
ROC will also involve in the promotion of positive ideas, tradition and culture.
Through Past and Pending Workshops, Past and Pending Symposiums and Past and Pending
Debates, ROC will spread good ideas.
Through traditional or cultural activities such as “Ramadam”, Pray Day, “Pool na doe”,
Birthday, Marriage and Burial activities, ROC will make you feel at home.

I standing for Integration
In this cruel and modern world, integration is becoming adominating process that
is imperative in all aspects of life.
Long time, people have been exercising recial discrimination but now it is clear that,
no man is an island. We need ourselves in a positive way.
Excluding an individual for his or her race, colour, religion and the like is
not correct.
In Germany, the government laws recognize the significance of integration in different ways.
For instance, giving ROC the opportunity to register in Germany as an assoiciation is a big
invitation to integration by the German community.
ROC will seize this opportunity and say loud to Germany that we want to be integrated.
This means, ROC will welcome any act from the German side that promotes integration and
also involve in acts of integration.
For instance, ROC will encourage Sierra Leoneans to learn the German language.

R standing for Real
One thing that was responsible for the failures of many Sierra Leone associations in Germany
is the lack of reality in their undertakings.
Important personalities of these associations always say things they cannot realize.
ROC and its members especially the executive members, will always be real.
What we say is what you see and get.

E standing for Epoch
Every event or thing has a time frame which covers the past (our history),
the present (our gift from Jehovah) and the future (Jehovah’s secret).
ROC considers this time frame (epoch) as its direction and it will involve in activities
that will refresh our minds with our history, make us enjoy the present and plan cautiously
through the guide of Jehovah for the unknown future.

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D standing for Determination
As we are inspired, we are determined to do all we could to keep to the scope of this big project.
We always have it in mind to prove our formular of success which states,