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The most wanted book – GET RICH FOR THE POOR, written both in english and german.
ISBN english : 978-3-00-022277-1
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“Get Rich For The Poor” is the extraordinary vision of two men who
fought their way out of poverty during wartime in Sierra
Leone and migrated to Europe with the hope of living a
good life. Though they are not poor anymore, they say they
will never be rich as long as there is poverty in the
world. They are disenchanted with governments and traditional help
organizations and therefore advocate a new approach to the
fight against poverty. Author Alie G. Kamara explains:

“My project partner Fadul and I knew right from
the start that the road toward the realisation of
our vision would be a tough one. This prepared us to withstand all
possible hazards as we move on. The truth is: We are not rich, but
we are involved in visionary work which requires a lot of money
for its successful realisation. Looking through the history of
aid projects in Africa, people behind these projects always
completely rely on financial donors to carry out their works
of helping those who are in need. We are not impressed with this way
of doing things. With the concept that anything you
worked hard for will not be wasted easily by you, we rejected the idea of writing
begging proposals to charity organisations for money to help the poor.
Such a method is considered by us as one meant for lazy aid workers.
Don’t get us wrong: There are many aid workers out there who
sacrifice their time and money to work on aid projects in poor
countries. We appreciate their efforts very much. But in Western
countries, a sort of donation generation industry has sprung up that
thrives on selling wealthy people a clean conscience. That’s quite
despicable and in most cases, such projects are complete failures
in Africa. We don’t want to fail due to laziness. Good and hard work
is always blessed with delicious fruit. It could take time, but the
end justifies the means. With Fadul and myself being ordinary workers,
it is definitely not easy for us to finance such a project.
However, we ignored all pessimistic thoughts and decided to go on.
Forhowever long it may take, we will use our limited salary to support
our works.”

The author uses real-life experiences, entertaining stories and
visionary ideas to explore the vision “Get rich for the poor”.
His writing style makes the book dramatic, entertaining and above all
unconventional and original.
One of the stories used by the author in the book is called “Shortlife”:

A man called Shortlife lived in a very religious village called
A lord was living in the same village. The almighty Orkuru trusted this lord and
He spoke to him always to reveal the
future events of the world.
Shortlife and this lord became very good friends. After daily prayers,
Shortlife always visited the lord.
One night, as the lord slept, the almighty Orkuru appeared to
him in a dream and told him that his
friend Shortlife was called Shortlife because whenever he married,
he would die immediately. The lord was sad to experience this dream
because Shortlife was actively planning his marriage, which was to take place
as soon as possible. The lord kept this as a secret because he did
not want to discourage his friend Shortlife. As the day for the marriage
approached, Shortlife invited many people, including his best
friend, the lord.
The lord accepted the invitation but decided not to attend the marriage
because he was too sad knowing he was going to lose his friend
Shortlife immediately after the ceremony. The lord wished he had the
power to prevent him from dying, but what the almighty Orkuru has
decided can never be changed by man on earth. “Death never takes a
bribe,” he said. On the day of the marriage, the site of the
celebration was well-decorated. A lot of food was prepared and
drinks were provided. Shortlife was happy to be a husband of a very
beautiful young lady. However, he was a bit disappointed because his
friend, the lord, did not attend the mariage. The guests were happy
and rejoicing during the after-marriage party. During this party,
Shortlife was given a delicious portion of food which he took
outside to eat. When he sat down on his golden chair to eat the
food, a very, very hungry poor man confronted him and asked him fo
r the food he was eating. Shortlife said, “Oh poor man, I am really
hungry but you appear even more hungry.” He offered him his golden
chair and his food. The poor man ate the food and made the following
prayer for Shortlife:

You saved my life. When I was really hungry, you gave me food to
eat! When I was about to die of hunger, you gave me life!
I therefore kneel down to the almighty Orkuru and ask Orkuru for three
things for you,

1. May you live long and enjoy all the blessings of Orkuru
2. May the almighty Orkuru protect and guide you
3. May the almighty Orkuru provide for you more so that you can
continue to give to the poor.

This prayer was heard by Orkuru who increased the lifetime of
Shortlife, protected and guided him and best of all, made him a rich
man for the poor – Get Rich For the Poor.