Abdul Fadul Kamara aka Fadul

Fadul is born in the western part of Sierra Leone called Freetown. After completing his high
school he joined the military and reached the status of a Lieutenant.

He was the former Personal Security and Personal Assistance of the former Vice Head of State of
Sierra Leone,the late Captain S. A. J. Musa.
Presently he is working at Museum Kunstpalast Düsseldorf, Germany.
Abdul Fadul is one of the active and core members of The Redeemers.
As a soldier who experienced the bitter war in Sierra Leone, he knows what a war means.
He considered himself as one of the luckiest people of the world to escape death during the war
in Sierra Leone.
During the war, death was in many instances only one second away from him.
Today, although he tasted real wealth as Personal Security of the late Vice President of
Sierra Leone Captain S. A. J. Musa, he enjoys now the simplicity of life in Germany.
He is very grateful to Germans to provide him security in life and most important a pivot
for him to start a happy peaceful life again in Germany.
His dream is to motivate refugees who experienced wars and bad politics that there is a
hope for better life even as a refugee.
In this light, he joined Lord G in the realization of The Redeemers.
Since he was trained as a Personal Security by two Ghanian soldiers, after settling in
Germany, he thought it wise to make a visit to Ghana to say thanks again to his trainers
and most significant, for him to visit the Sierra Leone Refugees in Ghana.
In June 11, he left with his wife Tina Kamara for Ghana where Fadul achived many positive
things which reflect real redemption.
In Gallary are photos to share with you what Fadul did in Ghana during his two weeks historic visit:

My wish to hold a TV talk on my experience in Sierra Leone and Germany.
If somebody was a soldier in his home country, reached the position of a lieutenant and was
even the body guard of the late Vice President of Sierra Leone Captain S.A.J. Musa,
I believe he has a lot to share with the people of the world.

Abdul Fadul is this person. Besides this, he experiencedthe deadly war in Sierra Leone and was lucky to
survive it.
With his lucky escape, he found himself in Germany where he was fortunate to gain security.
On his arrival in Germany, he declared for asylum but unfortunately, despite the efforts made
by him to defend his case, he was never believed by German authorities that he is saying the truth.
Today, Abdul Fadul is more than Twenty Three years in Germany and working for the same Museum for more
than Seven years. Museum Kunstpalast Düsseldorf
Viewing his life from Sierra Leone all the way to Germany, his biggest dream is to hold a TV talk
on all his experiences with his idol Günther Jauch and if possible with other TV moderators.